My family and I purchased a very attractive 2 Bedroom Summer week at Villa Del Palmar last month. We were extremely impressed with the beautiful facility. Once we were home, we realized that we had some questions and some issues that we wanted to address with someone at the resort directly. We were advised to contact the Developer's Representative in Puerto Vallarta which is what we did. Within two weeks, the Developer's Rep replied to our letter and addressed all our questions and concerns. We were certainly pleased with the way they handled our situation. They addressed all our concerns in such a timely manner and now we are totally happy.

Thank you Villa Group!

Jack and Patti

New Jersey

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"We have been members with the Villa Group for 5 years. We have the Gold Membership. We recently upgraded to their Villa Preferred Access membership and were very happy with our decision. Months later, we brought issues to the attention of the Developer's Rep which needed to be addressed. He listened to our issues, proposed a proper solution for both parties and we still remain very happy members with the Villa Group. Despite some of the comments on this site, I believe the Villa Group will genuinely make things right given the situation...we are living proof."

Joy and Greg

Villa Group Members Since 2005


Dear Members, we respond to 95% of the comments listed on various consumer websites. It is difficult to resolve issues for members who do not identify themselves or who have never reached out to our offices in Puerto Vallarta to resolve their issues. We will respond to your issues within 48 hrs of receiving a complaint, given the proper outreach has been made. You may contact us by email at amemberserv@villagroup.com or 626-389-0629 US Line. Please note our US lines have been under construction the last few weeks, however, our international phone line is always in service 011-52-322-224-8365.

Best Regards,

Developer Representative

Villa Group

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