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This post is primarily directed to Universal Vacation Club members who have attended a Villa Group sales presentation for the new Villa Preferred Access (points) system. I am soliciting feed back from members who may think they received less than forth right and dishonest "sales pitches". During the presentation, you may have thought this is such a fantastic opportunity, you agreed to purchase and now realize you have basically been scammed.

In the last six months, I have been contacted by Club members via my website www.universalvacationclubmembers.com and other "social media" site postings. These members are advising me they felt they had been scammed and were fed lies and fraudulent misrepresentations by the Villa Group developer sales staff. These fraudulent misrepresentations apply equally to "New Sales Presentations" for first time resort guests and also apply to "Update Presentations" for existing Club members. With the advent of new Villa Preferred Access "VPA" memberships, there has been a push by some of the sales staff to promote the ease of renting your time for exorbitant amounts. The premise is with rentals, you are able to recoup your membership purchase cost or your additional cost to upgrade to VPA. In addition to renting your regular points/weeks, they represent the VPA membership will allow for renting your Preferred Time weeks. The third party agencies being pitched are Enterprise Travel International, Phoenix Rental and Resale, Continental Connections and Regal Resales and Rentals. These agencies allegedly provide rental and resale services and do require an upfront "administrative" charge to set up your account. I have never heard of a successful rental or resale from members who contracted with these agencies.

Another situation with the sales presentations is the developer will represent that these agencies could sell your current time share ownership (not UVC membership) and you can then apply the sale proceeds against your purchase or upgrade cost. It is represented the sale of your current time share ownership will occur within 90 days to six months and you will again receive an exorbitant sales price. It seems that Enterprise Travel has been the third party agency of choice by the sales staff for at least the last year.

I have worked with several UVC members who were given this "pitch" and the members quickly realized they were scammed in their new purchase or their upgrade. Working together we successfully achieved satisfactory resolution with the developer. The new members were refunded their full purchase price with the contract cancelled and existing members who upgraded to VPA were refunded the associated upgrade cost and were reinstated to their previous Premier or Gold memberships. I have also worked with UVC members that were still within the five business day right to rescind and their outcomes were successful. There is no charge for my intervention and assistance as I achieve the ultimate personal satisfaction of turning this back against the developer.

I would like to invite you as a Club member to share your sales presentation experiences. If you feel you were wronged or subsequently realized your were "duped", please go to my website www.universalvacationclubmembers.com, click on the top tab "Contact Us" and send me a detailed written narrative including dates, names of sales staff and any and all questionable data that was presented to you. I would like nothing better than work with you in your dealings with the Developer to reach a successful conclusion. There is no associated cost to you. Don't be concerned with the thought that too much time has passed. It's never too late.

Jeff Robbins

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Dear Mr.Robbins,

My name is David and I wonder if you would be available to discuss something with me in regards to Villa del Palmar Flamingos, and something that happened this last weekend.

My email is ds.1973@yahoo.com.I have tried unsuccessfully to find an email address for you.

I hope you are still operational on this site and I will look forward to hearing from you.



San Diego, California, United States #781569

Dear Jeff, I sent you an email through UVc on our VPA timeshare. If you did not receive please contact me Daniel Venzon


or cell 619-988-7746

Please help

Dayton, Ohio, United States #584084

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To All,

Please contact me at resolutionmgt@villagroup.com


I would love to be contacted as this has been a complete lie and scam.What is written above is exactly what happened to me.

How do I go about getting my extra investment back?

Who do I call?Thanks for helping me out!



I also just recently bought one in Cancun!

what should i do???


Does anyone has an email contact for the developer - Constructora Los Arcos del Cabo at the Hotel Villa del Palmar-Cabo.



I would like to make a comment regard this timeshare.I bought my time share in march 2011 and had some bad customer service they want me to pay upfront the 14,000 in cash? They will not let us talk to know supervisor or Manager, what kind of business is this and they have there collection in mexico, what kind I do regrads this..... BAD CUSTOMER SERVICES....Please someone let me know what I can do


I just purchased a timeshare in Cancun and after reading all of this I am scared. Do you have any suggestions about how to avoid all of these hassles.

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